So, we’re moving…

I’m so sorry I’ve been away for months now. I thought about coming back to write so many times, and I just didn’t. Now it’s November. Holy crap.

I have some exciting news though! My boyfriend and I after a long discussion decided to take the plunge and move to North Carolina…FINALLY! We wouldn’t be able to do this without help from his family, and I am so grateful for having them in my life.

It seems incredibly sudden, and really this is pretty crazy, but we really don’t have anything holding us back. We are still young, and we’ve wanted to do this for years. I just can’t believe it’s actually happening.

I decided to talk a little bit about this move, and the steps that we’ve taken to make this as smooth as possible.

So we decided to move at the end of last month, so first thing was to pay our last months rent, and put our 30 days notice in for the apartment. I also had to put my two weeks in for work, because there was a lot that needed to be done after those two weeks.

This is going to sound majorly insane, but neither one of us have jobs lined up for our move, but we have been applying like mad, and I’ve already got interviews lined up for the week after next. Worst case, we have a couple at home jobs we both just got that are part-time, and we will get some retail jobs if need be, since we both have any years of sales experience. Thankfully, we have Patrick’s brother who is helping us out until we get jobs and find a place. We honestly could never do this without his help.

So the last couple weeks have been nonstop packing, and selling furniture on Craigslist to help with moving expenses. We threw away anything that we felt was unnecessary, which was really hard to do since I am basically a mild hoarder. What I found made it easier was to take a picture of things that I felt were really important, that way I still had that item in a way. I thank my friend Rachel for that idea! We also donated a ton of clothes, and I won’t lie, I still had stuff I was holding on to from when I was 13. I finally let those things go, and it felt amazing. We ended up donating about six or seven bags of clothes, and throwing away about 10 bags of trash (old homework papers, old mail, etc.). It was unreal.

We drove down to NC a week and a half ago to drop off my car at Pat’s mom’s house, since I need to drive the truck and Pat drive his car. We packed what we could in my car, and also brought stuff in his to drop off at his brother’s house. This saved us some space for the truck. I also had a couple interviews when we went down there, so we got a lot accomplished on that trip.

We just got our Verizon set up to cancel on Monday, and the electric as well. These things were really important to get done, and could be easily overlooked and forgotten about, so I did those as soon as I thought to do it.

We just got the moving truck reserved, so it’s feeling extremely real. I’m hanging out with my friend one more time before we leave for good on Monday. I mean, I know I’ll see her again obviously, but I’m still pretty sad.

I am just a nervous wreck right now, there still feels like there’s so much to do. We have all the big things done, and I have interviews coming up. I just got a part-time at home gig for a Social Media Evaluator. I’ll be making $13.75 an hour for 20 hours a week. That will give us some extra income even if I get another job. We both just need to get jobs ASAP, and find a place to live. The latter should be easy, since cost of living is much cheaper, and there are plenty of places for rent in the Raleigh-Durham area.

I apologize again for being gone so long, but I’m hoping this will be a fresh start for us, and I can get back to blogging. Hope everyone has an amazing Friday!



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