Sunday Movie Review: The Loft (2014)

It’s Sunday, which means another little review for my movie of the day. This time I chose a movie that was a little risque.

The Loft is about five married men who each receive a key to a loft where they are able to carry out their affairs. When they find the dead body of woman in the loft, they begin to suspect one of them is behind it.


I honestly am a huge fan of murder  mystery movies, and this one was actually really interesting. I think the concept was different, and just like the last movie I watched, I didn’t expect the ending.

I wasn’t too keen on the whole sexual aspect of it, but there wasn’t anything too inappropriate so it wasn’t hard to watch. There’s a few moments of mild violence, and some drugs involved, so a warning for those maybe interested in watching.

I think the characters in this movie worked pretty well, but there were just a couple that I felt were too over the top or just a bit weird for the movie. I liked that they gave you a glimpse of each characters background, it worked well for building up towards the ending.

I admired the fact that the way they obtained access to the loft was realistic, since one of then was a designer. I wasn’t sure how they were going to lead into that, but they did it in a clever way.


One thing to really pay attention to in this movie is the small details in the characters’ stories, and in the murder scene. I won’t go into it much further, but it helped understand what was going on a bit better.

This movie is currently on Netflix, and rated 3.75 stars. It’s a pretty decent movie if you like murder mysteries.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a “Kicking the Monday Blues” mix for you!


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