“Witness my Fitness” Friday: Fitbit

I know I talked a little about my morning runs in an earlier post, but I thought it would be an awesome idea to do a little post at the end of each week to talk about some of the other things I am doing to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

I used to be extremely active when I was younger. I did Cross Country all through high school, and some in college as well. Eventually I didn’t have time for sports, and when I graduated and started working full time in retail, it was nearly impossible to get any type of physical activity in.

With my new job, I now have a consistent schedule, so I have found a way to get my exercises in. I also have access to Vitality through my job, which has allowed me to get discounts on my health insurance through them by leading a healthy lifestyle, as well as points towards gift cards and rewards. I recently was able to get enough points to get a Fitbit, which has made me even more motivated to get back in shape.

I had a choice of either going with the Zip for free, or getting enough points for the One or the Flex. In the end I went with the One.


I have been using my Fitbit One for the past few days, and it has been attached to me at all times (minus the shower of course). I have been trying to take full advantage of what my Fitbit has to offer. What’s really cool about it is it goes beyond just counting steps. It tells you how many floors you’ve climbed, how many calories you’ve burned, and miles you’ve gone that day. I’ve been going on long walks after work, and it’s so cool to see what I’m actually accomplishing.

The Fitbit comes with an awesome app that I have been using religiously since I’ve downloaded it. My Fitbit is synced with the app on my phone, so it shows all of the stats you would see on the device, in a really nice, organized layout. You are also able to keep track of the food you have eaten during the day as well as your water intake. It will show you how close you are to your goals, and how much you need to hit those goals. You can add friends who use Fitbit as well, and see their steps for the week. There are also weekly challenges you can do with your friends to keep things interesting.


Probably one of the coolest things about my Fitbit is it’s able to track your sleep. It was never something I put much thought into, since sleeping isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. The device came with a fabric wrist band with a slot to put the Fitbit into. I wear it against my wrist and put it in sleep mode when I’m starting to go to sleep, and turn it off when I wake. It shows me how long I slept, how many times I was restless, and how long it took me to go to sleep. It’s so neat to see what I’m doing while I’m sleeping, and makes me motivated to get to bed early enough to get the sleep I need.


All in all I am extremely happy with my Fitbit, and have had a huge boost of motivation just by wearing it. I look forward to my walks, and can’t wait to see my results at the end of the day. I would highly recommend a Fitbit for those who have a hard time getting motivated.

Hope this was interesting to read, and I’m looking forward to next week’s fitness post!



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